Health & Safety


“It is our policy to reduce accidents, injuries and work-related ill health to the lowest level practicable”

The fundamental rule of our safety policy is not to follow the rule of “over promise and under deliver’.

Safety is a fundamental value of CLEANCO. It is implicit in our services and in the way we work. We do not compromise on the safety and health of those who work for our business. We believe that all injuries, work-related illnesses and accidents are preventable, and we strive for the highest standards of safety and health performance.

Our safety culture is based on prevention, hazard awareness, continuous improvement and compliance with carefully developed procedures. We strive to protect the health and safety of our workforce, identifying that healthy business performance is delivered through healthy personnel and safe processes and equipments

Basic Guidelines of Our Safety rules:-

Our Health & Safety Policy confirms CLEANCO’s commitment to pursue the highest standards of Health and Safety performance in compliance with all applicable local, national and international standards and clients’ requirements related to our business.

CLEANCO recognizes that all levels of management and employees have a vital responsibility and accountability in the implementation and maintenance of our Health and Safety programme. Specific roles and responsibilities have been assigned for the co-ordination and implementation of this Health & Safety Management System